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Friday, February 26, 2010

Growing Our Own Popcon

We found growing our own popcorn very easy! Grow like regular sweet corn, but let dry on the stalk. After it dries quite a bit, we hang it up on our beams in the kitchen to dry completely. We test some after a month or two until it pops well. Then take to ears and rub together until the kernels come off. It's best to do this in a paper bag as they tend to fly all over. We store the corn in an airtight container. We go through a lot of corn over the year. We like the Japanese white hull-less popcorn. It doesn't get stuck between your teeth, and tastes great!!


Susan said...

While the corn is drying on the stalk, do you cut the stalks down, or are they just left standing in the garden? This sounds like a fun thing to try!

Jean Marie said...

We leave them standing in the garden. You have to be careful they don't start to mold though. We lost some of the ears that way.