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Monday, February 22, 2010

Some people think the world will end, some think something smaller might happen. For example: Solar flares could knock out all electrical devises. If this happens all cars would go too. Trucks can't get to the stores to deliver food, gas etc. I'm not saying it will be Armageddon, but I think we should prepare, just in case!

I've read up on what foods, medicine, etc. to store. I've found it hard to figure out what we'll need to store. Some books say certain foods my family doesn't like. Has anyone found a good book or website that will give you ideas on what to store, and how to substite some foods for others?

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Susan said...

We keep at least a year's supply of everything we need. I'm working on a booklet with complete planning and preparation ideas and extensive lists of what to store. So many people ask me how to do it or what to do next, I decided to write it up. I'm so glad to hear when others are aware of the need to store up and are doing it!