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Monday, February 22, 2010

It's cold!

I'm sitting in my cold kitchen on my computer waiting for the wood stove to heat up my house. Is it worth it to heat with wood only? Somedays I wonder if it is.


Susan said...

Oh absolutely! I wouldn't trade my wood heat for anything. I have 2 articles under the topic "heating" that might be useful to you. I don't know how big your house is, but our stove is large enough to put 2 big "banking" logs in at night or when we will be gone for most of a day. Then we shut down the damper and flu. The fire slows down but doesn't go out and the house only cools off a little.

Jean Marie said...

We have a huge 3 story house that we heat with only the one wood stove. It takes a few hours to heat everything up if we keep it on high. Our stove is large enough to put some banking logs in. We do have trouble when it is windy. We can't turn the damper down or it will blow smoke through the house.

Susan said...

That's awesome! Our home is also a large 3 story - over 3800 sq. ft. It's really amazing it can heat so well. I wonder if you can protect from the wind problem some how. Turning the damper down is what holds the heat in so it doesn't all go up and out the chimney. Hmmmm. I haven't had that problem. Maybe a different type of cap on the chimney pipe?