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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cooking with an alternative camp oven

I wanted an alternative oven, because our gas oven has an electric starter and when the electricity goes out it cannot be lit with a match like the burners. It has a safety feature on it. I found a Coleman camp oven from ebay. It is older but not used, it folds flat for storage or travel. We can use it when the electricity goes out or for camping. Or I suppose for fun! Sometimes our electricity goes out for a couple of days at a time (which is the main reason for getting a wood stove). It works best on a gas burner, but can be used on a wood stove or campfire. I tried it on our gas burner and found the temperature did not get above 300 degrees. I cooked an apple pie with my canned pie filling. Cooking a pie at 300 degrees took a little longer, but it turned out well. I want to try the wood stove next. The reason the wood stove, or campfire doesn't work as well is because you can't regulate the temperature like you can with gas. This is a nice little oven, and is an excellent addition to my survival food storage.  You can find it on e-bay and, I would definitely recommend it!


Paul C said...

I like the central question of your blog. It encourages us to think about how we can live with less.

Jean Marie said...

Thanks I do try! However as per my title, I'm not sure we can be totally self-sufficient. My family will never give up television and the internet! I don't think I could do it either, unless forced to by circumstance.

magi said...

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